Monday, October 20, 2014

What is your real job???

Your children need your presence more than your presents.”

                                                                                            -Jesse Jackson

How to be a good parent is the question and issue all over the world. We often tend to forget the real definition of parent and value of being responsible. Whenever we are asked about our real job, we name the organization in which we work which is not true. Our primary job starts at home. Our responsibility is as a father, mother, son, daughter, brother and sister. The job we do at our work place be it in private, government or corporation is our secondary job which we do to fulfill the real job that is job at home.

Now a days, with modernization, people are getting exposed to foreign culture were the extended family network is put in verge of extinction and people take it for granted. Some people substitute their responsibility of being parents and giving time to their children with money. Today, most of the office goers do not sense the true meaning of being with family and fulfill their job rather take their secondary job primacy over the real one. Some come home and  instead of taking the  responsibility of sharing value and time with family, they bring workplace issue and emotional stress in the  family which effect whole family members.

Bhutan had no serious issue few decades ago as we had a very strong family network. Those were times, when parents and children spent more time together. Both parents and children knew each other’s problem and strength.  Harmony existed in the family despite low income.

Children seek parent’s attention the most when they are young.  Whatever attention they received will be returned back to parents later.  If a child does not get the attention he/she needs, or are left with no response, the child loses hope and stop trying new things.The alternative a child take is get attention from  friends. However,the question of getting spoiled or not arises,  depending on type of friends they choose.

“To be in your children's memories tomorrow,You have to be in their lives today.” ― Barbara Johnson.

BBS 2 took great step to solve this issue by hosting a new program not long ago, both in English and Dzongkha that is “DO YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD” in English and “BUZHI DHA THUENDREL” in Dzongkha which I felt is good to advocate the message. We need to collectively raise this issue and solve it by educating the parents at present and upcoming parents.

Every one of us needs to know the importance  of understanding our child; we need to realize our primary responsibility. There are more important things in life than money and work.

Home.................................... Your primary job
Parents/son/daughter/brother/sister.............. Your primary responsibility
 Organization you are working............................... Your secondary job
Your profession................................ Your secondary responsibility

Monday, September 1, 2014

voice of Southern Border

Issue of concern

His majesty the fourth king put in place the policy of resettlement were the landless people were granted massive share of land in the southern border  which encouraged them to settle there. We also have many big plants established along this southern belt which made the settlement vast.  The southern region is very suitable for large scale development yet for years it has remained at halt. The reasons range from jeopardy to one’s life to burglary of possession, kidnapping and so on.

For Bhutanese, the word kidnap is new especially for those living in places other than southern border areas of the country. It might be something they hear it happen in other countries or see it in the movies. But what was just seen in movies in the early days by the Bhutanese is now a traumatic experience for some people. The case is frequent in southern borders of Bhutan and Sarpang Dzongkhag in particular. It has become a fashion for the kidnappers to take away the government official, corporate individuals ,farmers etc, and demand for huge amount of money for the safe return of the victims. 

People living in border areas are now living in a very vulnerable zone.  They live in constant fear of being kidnapped. There were series of kidnapping case over the last few years with the most recent case on ‘August 7, 2014  in Sarpang.’  
There seem to be no clue of what could to be done to solve the issue. The only solution to this as of now is, 'pay the amount the kidnappers had demanded.' I wonder if we are turning deaf and blind to the issue as the number of kidnapping case does not seem to decrease. Or are we complacent to take any action. Or have we run out of options? Isn’t it the concern for policy makers and related institutions for the welfare and safety of people in these areas?? Are we doing anything to prevent such further cases?? Is the issue discussed in any platform??The  above questions are left unanswered for me (maybe I am ignorant).
The issue is a threat to the national sovereignty and security if left unsolved. I heard Prime minister on BBS, say that the government is still discussing with Indian government and security office about the issue which is a good initiation.  But people need the solution sooner than later if possible. While Kidnappers are playing hide and seek game causing threat to lives of fellow countrymen, they are also robbing our  poor farmer’s wealth which they have saved for their children.

Do any of the people living near border area own a licensed gun to defend themselves? I find it more important to own a self defense weapons at least to be little safe. Our factories and entries point need extra security and man power. Shouldn’t people working near entrance point  be given basic training on how to handle weapons?  Or what about providing them with weapons to defend themselves?At the moment, be it government, corporate or private workers, there is fear in living and working in these places. Our security is not taken care and we are not benefited with anything.  Let us all be extra responsible and collectively make the place safer to work and live in. We must come out with a solution.  What if the next victim is your father, cousin, aunt?  Will you be as complacent as you are now? Lets think of those victims as our own family member and put our point to make the issues solved as soon as possible as we are one people of one nation.
At this point, we need a fast but  farsighted solution to this problem otherwise, lives will be lost in the circle of our perplexity.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Work and their perception

Anything is not easy as it seems to be. The work of customs office and ofcourse every law enforcing agents is seen to be the easiest and unclean in nature. Almost every people perceive it as a precinct of getting corrupted and officials as doing a dirty job.  I heard  people say this for several times when they asked my profession.  As soon as I tell them that I work for Regional Revenue and Customs Office, they start criticizing the profession and organisation out of their prejudice. They show no hesitation when they talk about such insightful topics because they think what they are talking is true. 

 I would say  being in the office of law enforcing agent is the toughest job I have ever seen in my life. I don’t have idea of how other law enforcing agencies work but regarding customs work, it is really hard one. Since it is service providing office, the officials have to wake up as early as 5 a.m in the morning and be on duty by at least 6 am to deliver service to those waiting in queue when others are  in their best state of dreaming.The officials   bear the shouts and angers of the customer. We have to maintain the calm and serve the people. 
People do not see the sacrifice we make while they see the mistake someone in the past might have made. They tag us with the same name while they forget that about the ones who are dedicated and responsible.

We have to act and balance line of work with human emotion which is two distinct elevations. The usual office time end by 4 pm in winter and 5 pm during summer for other offices but we end it by late evening which is 7 pm at the earliest and sometimes extend till 10 pm in the evening depending on number of transactions we receive. I have read one article and found that the person working in shift basis will have health risk: Yet, we have to work in shift system were we forgo the health issue just serve and deliver the service on time. Ours is an office time while others go back home to their kids and family. This is what one with prejudice fail to look at. 

I don’t mean to seek sympathy and appreciation with my article. I just want the readers to help us create awareness about the work we do. I want people to get rid of the false believe inbuilt in them . I claim that the organization I work in is corruption free and that one man’s mistake shouldn't be generalized for all. Corruption is everywhere and there isn't one fixed area were it takes place. So one must be very careful while criticizing any one unless there is an evidence to prove it
Irresponsible, selfishness and greed are the factors leading to corruption and it can be anywhere irrespective of the nature of work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

nymchung thought of dogap

“To know the limit itself is a wisdom”

RRCO friends celebrate almost all the occasions  together. We celebrate it with bottles of  beer in front of us with endless session and reach home only by morning. Almost every day, this routine continuous but we never have a single argument amongst friends or outsiders. In our articulation, we speak broken English and made up local dialects which others find it funny but friends are used to it and can easily identify one through this language 
The days I spend with my friends in RRCO will remain as memorable moment of my life. Since I joined the service , I never felt I am placed in a new place neither I felt the new faces around me  due to their company. I rather felt the strong bond of family and friends and,  warmth of belongingness. The credit goes to all the friends and senior staff of RRCO for their support at the initial stage and flawless guidance  any time I asked. 
"Alcohol is injurious to Heath" the statutory caution reads on the level of beer bottle but we ignore it not because we are unaware about health hazard caused by it but we cannot forgo the charm of being together and memories we make. Some people  advice us not to be regular and heavy drinker at this juvenile age  as they think we are being the victim of our own habit. I would say we are not, because we drink with the limit and we do not cross it no matter what. Of course, there are few  unconscious moments when we do cross it. 
Notorious(or violence) act follow after sipping few bottles of alcohol. It  is a scene almost everywhere and it is an orthodox amongst the people but its myth when comes to our environment. We are filled with happiness and enjoyment even in the smallest of gathering and smallest of space. I really should thank once again all my comrades of RRCO for the feelings I could share at the moment.  I will  hold it throughout my life. It’s really a good memory of our togetherness.   I wrote this article just for the sake of writing and to fulfill the requirements of bloggers but not to promote brands of alcohol to the readers.
I advice not to drink ,and drink with limits( even if you do) as knowing limit itself is a wisdom.

Thank you

Dhendup Tshering